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Willa Harenda

Villa Harenda - Jan Kasprowicz house in Zakopane. The poet acquired it in 1923 from the English painter Winifred Cooper with money earned on the translation of Shakespeare (500 pounds). Today it houses a museum, biographical and literary Kasprowicz. The name comes from the villa Harenda pub located in Czarnowasy near Opole. In the future poet tavern frequented during his schooling in 1881 [citation needed]

The poet lived at Harenda only three years, died in 1926. In 1933, thanks to the widow Mary Kasprowicz, Makuszyńskiego and Staff, founded the house in a granite mausoleum, designed by Charles Stryjeński, which transferred the ashes of the poet.

On the initiative of his wife Maria in 1950, founded the museum in the villa Kasprowicz. In 1964 the museum formed a Friends of the Association for Creativity by Jan Kasprowicz, which to this day devoted to the poet organizes meetings, lectures and poetry readings.

By the will of the widow of the museum has kept Kasprowicz appearance of a house from the time of the poet's life. Visitors can watch three rooms: a dining room, lounge and bedroom. In the closed part of a rich library housed Kasprowicz, gathered by him in Lviv. After the death of the poet, his wife Maria gave collections to Poznan where completely burned in the fire. It is not known whether the catalog of books has been preserved, while some is that the destruction of valuable white ravens. In the museum you can see the family heirlooms, objects of utility Kasprowiczowa, images, and the residue collection. On the floor of the house is a gallery of images of Wladyslaw Jarocki, a professor of Fine Arts in Krakow, furnished by the daughter of the poet Anna Kasprowicz - Jarocka.