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Theatre. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz in Zakopane

Theatre. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy Theatre) was founded in Zakopane by a group of graduates of the Cracow Academy of Dramatic Arts (Julia and Andrew Wernio Dziuk and future actors: Dorothy Ficoń, Karina Krzywicka, Piotr Dabrowski, Andrzej Jesionek, Krzysztof Łakomik, Christopher and Peter Najbor Sambor). The very idea was born among the students of Directing and Acting Department even while studying. August 9, 1984 were issued Witkiewicz play Fri Pragmatists. After the conclusion of formal agreement with the Society of Friends of Theatre. Helena Modjeska Theatre was launched on February 24, 1985 issue of the art of self-parody texts by Witkacy in Zakopane, directed by Andrzej Dziuk. The seat theater on the street is Chramcówki Chałubiński room in the Hotel (formerly Department of Hydrotherapy by Dr. Andrew Chramca, later the Red Cross Sanatorium Sanatorium converted them. Chalubinskiego).

Theatrical premier cycle is associated with summer and winter tourist season. In the theater lobby also held numerous art exhibitions, concerts and theater festivals. Today is a cultural institution Małopolska province. From the very beginning until now (info from 2007), directed by one of the founders Andrew Dziuk, director of most shows. For the cast are still connected with the theater since the early days: Dorothy Ficoń, and Krzysztof Krzysztof Łakomik Najbor.

In 2004, Danzig release word / picture of the territories has published a monograph by Barbara ŚWIĄDER In metaphysical hole. Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane. Interviews with the creators of Witkacy Theatre photographs are supplemented by Wojciech Plewińskiego and documentation by Martin Zawada.

Dziuk Director Andrew and his team have won awards them. Konrad Swinarski - granted by the editors of the monthly "Theatre" - for the 1986/1987 season, "for the creation and artistic activity Theatre. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz in Zakopane."