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The Homole Ravine

The Homole rocky ravine is a unique attraction in the Pieniny Małe Mountains. It is formed by an 800 m long and cut in the rock hillside, V-shaped valley of the Kamionka stream. Vertical rock walls and pinnacles of white and red limestone reach up to 120 meters in height. In 1963, Jan Wiktor Nature Reserve was established in the ravine. At the end of the ravine, there is a complex of eroded rocks called the Books of Stone. An old legend from Łemko says that all human fortunes are written in those rocks, but there has never been a man wise enough to be able to read it. When and elderly Orthodox priest from Lipnik (on the Slovak side of the Pieniny Małe) learned how to do it, God took his speech so that people would not know their future.