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The Church of All Saints in Krościenko

The Parish Church of All Saints is one of the most precious monuments of Krościenko. The construction of the church began in the 14th century, and it was at that time that e.g. the chancel of the church was built. Its stone nave was built in 1546. The church was rebuilt in the 17th century, giving it some baroque features.

The interior is decorated with beautiful polychromy fragments from different periods, which were only discovered in the 20th century, The oldest - and priceless - part of paintings dates from the 14th century and depicts scenes from the life of St. Barbara.
Another polychromy fragment - at the main altar - dates back to 1490 and represents the Crucifixion. In turn, the walls of the nave show different scenes from the Bible, beginning from the Annunciation to the Assumption. The biggest polychromy fragment, the work of a man named Jakub Korab from Nowy Targ, comes from 1589 and depicts e.g. patron saints of rafters and shepherds. Also worth mentioning is the Gothic baptismal font with the date of 1493 carved in it, which was probably founded by King Jan Olbracht.

Adres: ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 2A, 34-450 Krościenko nad Dunajcem