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Żywiec Beer in Żywiec

Brewing tradition here dates back to middle ages, when the privilege to grow barley and brew beer was confirmed, and when Żywiec obtained the right to the so-called protection mile. However, it is 1856 that is recognised as the start of the Żywiec brewery. That year, from the company founded by Archduke Albrecht Friedrich von Habsburg, flowed the first litre of beer. From the very beginning, the brewery developed dynamically, and the reputation of the produced here beer continuously increased. In 1994, the brewery was taken over by the Dutch Heineken but, of course, Żywiec is still the most popular beer brand here. Interesting is its half-a-century-old characteristic label, showing a pair dancing in the traditional costume from Kraków.

In June, the brewery holds a festival of beer enthusiasts. Crowds of brewing enthusiasts from Poland and abroad present their beer mugs, bottles, pads, and labels collections. On other days of the year, all interested in the production of beer can explore the Brewery Museum. The tourist route runs through carved out of solid rock old cellars where you can learn about the process of brewing, fermenting, aging and bottling of Zywiec beer.


ul. Brewery 88,

34-300 Żywiec