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A Confederate Chapel

Almost at the top of the Jasień Mountain lies the Confederate Chapel built around 1773, probably by the Wielopolscy family. It was erected in honour of the fallen soldiers of the Bar Confederation, who fought in the area of Jasień and Sucha in 1768-1772. Veterans who survived the fighting greatly contributed to the construction of the building. The chapel with a 12-meter-high stone and wood tower was built of sandstone. Next to the chapel, there is a symbolic grave of the fallen soldiers.

For local residents, the chapel is connected with the traditions of independence. During the communist era, clandestine Masses to celebrate patriotic anniversaries took place here, and under martial law, Masses were celebrated here for the intention of homeland. Currently, the faithful gather here each year on 3rd May - the anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, on 15th August - to celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and on the anniversary of its independence - 11th November.