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The Gothic Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Ujanowice

The main monument of Ujanowice is a parish church dating from 1526. Earlier, probably in the same place, there was a wooden church, mentioned by Jan Długosz in "Liber Beneficiorum" from the mid-fifteenth century.

The present church was completed in 1526 and has the characteristics of Gothic buildings. Two chapels, from the north and the south, were built around 1890.

The uniqueness of the church is created also by its decor and furnishings. It is worth to see there: murals from 1905 - imitation of Matejko's style; three rococo altars; a rococo pulpit; a Gothic-Renaissance stone baptismal font of the sixteenth century; two folk stone fonts of the eighteenth/nineteenth century; a baroque chair of the seventeenth century; a foundation plaque with a Gothic inscription in Latin and the date of 1509; an iron lock from 1526; embroidered chasubles of the eighteenth century; a bell dating back to 1514; and a flèche of the eighteenth century.

Adres: Ujanowice 1, 34-603 Ujanowice