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The Manor House in Laskowa

The Manor House in Laskowa is an example of unique residential wood architecture of the sixteenth century in Poland. It is a one-storey building with a shingled mansard roof (so called Cracow-style). The value of the manor lies in preserving not only the general character of the building, but also various design elements of historical and artistic interest.

In 1688, the surrounding area was bought by Jan Małachowski, a bishop of Cracow, who assigned it to the Congregation of Missionary Priests in Cracow. A remnant of those times is the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a polychrome ceiling. In the early nineteenth century, the house with its outbuildings and the land it lies on was bought by the Skrzyńscy family who, half a century later, sold it to the Żochowscy family. In 1924, Laskowa landed in the hands of the Michałowscy family. After the war, the property was taken away from its owners and was returned to them no earlier than in 1993.

Visiting the manor is possible by prior arrangement with the owner (phone: 018 333 30 40).

Adres: XVII- wieczny Dworek w Laskowej, 34-602 Laskowa 1