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Kapilca brick Gąsieniców of 1800.

Built around 1800, thanks to the efforts of Paul Gąsienica - as legend has it, with zbójnickich money, by way of expiation for sins committed, as the first church building in Zakopane. The small brick chapel, covered goncianym roof, surmounted by turret, rises Street. Kościeliska, between the Old Church and Cemetery on Peksowy Brzyzek. In his will of 1813, Paul wrote his role caterpillar and buildings for the priests in Poronin, and he recommended that his and his wife Regina was buried at the entrance to the chapel. In 1861 the chapel Gąsieniców (as it is commonly called) has been renewed and blessed by Fr. Jozef Stolarczyk. After World War II on the order of Fr. Pastor John Tobolaka changed inside the chapel, designed by Antoni Kenar, while giving her a call two Slavic saints, which then Zakopane pastor had a special devotion - Andrew (Świerada) and Benedict (Stojsława). Hence the figures of two saints, together with the symbols of the four Evangelists are the main decorative elements shrines. The project Kenar realized his pupil Joseph Kandefer. The entrance to the shrine was protected by an iron grating, and now it is only visited by outsiders. Such security was necessary, because even before World War II behind góralki Gubałówka, bringing goods to Zakopane, where bundles left by treating the historic chapel as a warehouse under the care of God.