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Jan Kawulok Cottage Museum in Istebna

In the Wojtosze farmstead in Istebna there are still nineteenth century hen houses (houses without chimneys). Such a house consisted of two rooms - in the black room, which had a fireplace, the family led their daily life, and in the white one Christmas clothing, more valuable things and sacred images were kept. Such houses were constructed of thick spruce logs, and along the outer walls there was a large porch inlaid with large stones. The oldest houses in Istebna can be identified by low house numbers. House numbering in Istebna has already exceeded 2000, and the lowest numbers have three digits.

Jan Kawulok's house is number 163. On the right from the entrance there is the larger, black room. There are kettles hanging above the fireplace, on the walls there are musical instruments, and on the floor there are millstones. In the cupboards one can see a collection of clay pots. And in the white room there are weaving and spinning workbenches, and a painted chest, in which items for a bride dowry were collected.

When Jan Kawulok was still alive, the place was buzzing every day. Tourists came here by coach, and the host played for them on folk instruments or concocted long stories about the old life in the village in the Beskid Mountains. After his death, his daughter, Zuzanna, who also played music beautifully, took care of everything. Currently, she is living in a cottage on the opposite side of the street, and the historic house serves as a regional chamber.


Wojtosze 824

43-470 Istebna