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The brilliant primitivist of Krynica

When visiting Krynica, it is definitely worth to familiarise oneself with the works of Nikifor, who was born here in 1895. The real name of the painter had not been officially established until 2003. Epifaniusz Drowniak was a brilliant self-taught, who is now numbered among the world's leading painters of primitivism. He spent most of his life alone, living in poverty, and because of the hearing and speech impediments he was considered mentally disabled. Most of his works are  watercolours. He painted mostly outdoors and could often be found on the promenade in Krynica. He usually signed his works as Nikifor, Netyfo or Matejko.

His talent was first discovered before World War II. Unfortunately, at that time, the attempt to show his works in Paris was not successful. The rediscovery of his talent occurred not earlier that in the 50s of the twentieth century. Then, through a series of exhibitions and publication of numerous articles, Nikifor became famous in Poland and abroad. When he was already over 60 years old, a solo exhibition of his work in Paris took place.

Despite the gained popularity, he did not change his lifestyle and continued to work in his home-town Krynica, where in the 90s, the Nikifor Museum was opened in a historic villa "Romanówka". The collected pieces of art constitute a cross-section of all periods of his work, his techniques and themes, e.g. landscapes with small railway stations, portraits or religious buildings. In 2004, Krzysztof Krauze's film "My Nikifor", with Krystyna Feldman cast in the lead role, led to the renewal of interest in the artist from Krynica.

Adres: Willa Romanówka, ul. Bulwary Dietla 19, 33-380 Krynica-Zdrój