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Carved Marks on Leskowiec

From written works of Kazimierz Sosnowski from the '20s of the previous century it is known that when in 1846 Count Potocki, and later in 1898 Countess Mery Wielopolska and Baron Roman Taube reached the summit of Leskowiec, in memory of their climb, they ordered to carve in stone their marks and coats of arms with inscriptions. Being the owners of the goods, they wanted to commemorate their "feat". Thus, local people called Leskowiec the Counts' Boots. These slabs of sandstone went missing for many years, after being knocked off the summit by shepherds. These historically valuable tourist attractions have been found recently, through persistence of such people as Jan Lizak, the "Leskowiec" mountain hostel housekeeper and Peter Tomy, the Andrychów mountains enthusiast. To protect the slabs from damage and prevent another disappearance, they have not been transported back to the top of the summit, but placed at the shelter, where they can be seen today.