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A town and a village under water - the dam in the Tresna village

The lake in Żywiec is so well inscribed in the landscape of the Beskid Mountains that it would seem it has been there forever. It is hard to believe that it only came into being in 1966. Thanks to the dame built on the Sola River, a lake was created. Its task is to take the excess water flowing down from the mountains and not to allow the flooding of surrounding areas. At the same time, a power plant with the capacity of 21 MW on the dam was created, and the reservoir has become an attraction and a place of rest for the locals. Around it, numerous holiday resorts and marinas were built.

Of course, the construction of the dam had also some negative effects. The lake had to be located within the areas of Stary Żywiec and the Tresna village. Some buildings were demolished and the materials were used in the construction of the new ones.