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Zubrzyca Górna

At the foot of the southern slopes of the Babia Góra Mountain lies a historical region of Górna Orawa. In the sixteenth century, a noble Hungarian Thurzon family sought to colonise these lands. Several years of tax exemption encouraged people to grub out land and quickly populate the village. During the Hungarian battles between Catholics and Protestants, Polish settlers opted for the first group. The Orawa lords did not like that, but in 1674, Austrian Emperor Leopold I elevated some of the governor families to the nobility. Among them were the Moniak family from Zubrzyca Górna. They built then a manor house which later gave the beginning to the Orawa Ethnographic Park.

In this open-air museum are collected such examples of regional buildings as cottages, outbuildings, a forge, a sawmill, a fulling mill or an oil mill. Inside, one can see traditional costumes, household items, as well as farm folk art and handicrafts, including original paintings on glass. The park also organises educational activities in which you can learn to bake bread, spin flax, paint on glass or create beautiful decorations of paper


Muzeum - Orawski Park Etnograficzny
w Zubrzycy Górnej
34 - 484 Zubrzyca Górna