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Adam Małysz Ski Jump in Wisła-Malinka

The ski jump in Malinka was built between 1932 and 1933. Its first record breaker was Mieczyslaw Kozdruń, who jumped a distance of 41 meters. Since 1958, after the modernisation, prestigious international competition for the Cup of the Beskids was held here.

After Adam Małysz's successes in 2001, it was decided to pull down the old K-105 ski jump and built in its place a new K-120 one (the second largest - after the Wielka Krokiew - ski jump in Poland). The foundation act for the construction of the ski jump was signed in October 2003 in the market square in Wisła by President Aleksander Kwaśniewski. The works began in the winter of 2004. On 17th September 2008, Adam Małysz was the first person to jump from the new ski jump. He jumped a distance of a few meters longer than the K-point (120 m). This ceremonial jump was not officially measured, though, nor was it evaluated by the judges.

On 25 - 28 September 2008, the Ski Jumping and the Nordic combined Polish Summer Cup was organised there. During this championship, the ski jump was named after Adam Małysz.

Enthusiasts of ski jumping will surely be interested in the "Sports trophies of Adam Małysz" gallery. It is located in the building of Izabela and Adam Małysz's foundation "Wystarczy Chcieć." There you will find all the major trophies of Adam Malysz, including: four Crystal Balls for winning the World Cup and medals from the World Championships in Lahti, Sapporo and Val di Fiemme.


Wisła Malinka 942

43-460 Wisła