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PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska

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PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska
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PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska

PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska - lodge located on Glade Chochołowska in the Western Tatras, called in short Chochołowskim Shelter. It is located at an altitude of 1150 m above sea-level and is managed by PTTK. It is the main base in the area of ​​the Valley Chochołowska.

It is a large object - volume 9543 m³ of the largest shelter in the Polish Tatras. It is open all year round. Tourists offers 132 beds in 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 6 -, 8 - and 14-passenger. It also has a lounge, ski storage year-round, tourist kitchen and drying clothes. Next to the hostel has a duty office, where lifeguards on duty periodically TOPR. The hostel itself is free to boil water in an electric kettle in the kitchen tour. Permanent electrical power. In the range of some cellular networks (Plus, Play).
Administratively shelter is located in the village Witów.

The first shelter was built by the Ski Club of Warsaw in the years 1930-1932. In January 1945, was burned by the Germans. The present building was built between 1951-1953. During his second pilgrimage to the motherland 23 June 1983 was in the Valley Chocholowska Pope John Paul II. The stay has been commemorated by a plaque at the entrance to the shelter, as well as marking out the route of the papal Jarząbczej Valley. The hostel is also a sculpture - a gift to the pope from Lech Walesa.

For the purposes of shelter in 1958 launched the Stream Chochołowskim small hydroelectric power station. It generates electricity to heat the shelter. Limbs were planted next to the hostel. To commemorate the rescue TOPR from 11-12 February 1945 (transporting the wounded guerrillas from Extreme Salatyna) was laid on a wall plaque shelters. Commemorative plaque on the wall shelters also commemorated attempt to launch a balloon star Polana Polish Chochołowska in October 1938
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