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PTTK Mountain Hostel at Hala Krupowa

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PTTK Mountain Hostel at Hala Krupowa
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PTTK Mountain Hostel at Hala Krupowa

This mountain hostel is situated at the altitude of 1152 m a.s.l. in the Polica Mountain Range, a part of the Babia Góra Mountain Range, included in the Beskid Żywiecki. Despite its name, the facility is not located at Hala Krupowa, but on the edge of Hala Kucałowa, southwest of the Kucałowa Pass. Using public transport, the easiest way to reach Hala Krupowa is by travelling to Skawica (by minibuses). 

The first hostel, built in 1935, was called "Pod Policą" (Under the Polica Mountain) and was built at the initiative of the Sidzina municipality and the Jordanów PTT branch. At that time, prof. Kazimierz Sosnowski, after whom the facility was named, was in charge of the construction works. The previously existing in this place building was burned in 1944 by the German troops. Reconstruction was carried out by the Kraków branch of PTT and ended in 1955. In 1967 electricity was connected to the building, however, for a long time it was produced by a generator. The facility was connected to a high-voltage power line in 2001.

Today, it is a wooden chalet-style building open all year. The hostel offers its guests 38 beds in 3-, 4- and multi-person rooms, and most rooms overlook a magnificent panorama of the Tatras and Orava. PTTK, Voluntary Blood Donor and the Conquerors of the Crown of the Polish Mountains Club discounts are accepted. The hostel also offers a special 50% "birthday" discount. Discounts for larger groups are also granted. In case of longer stays the prices are negotiable.

On the ground floor, apart from one of the rooms and a cafeteria, there is a dining area with a large stone fireplace. There is a station of GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service) located in the hostel, and right next to it there is a 150-meter-long ski lift. There is also a rental store offering snowshoes, which facilitate hiking in the Beskidy mountains in winter.

The hostel is prepared to accommodate both single travellers and organised groups, such as hiking camps, rallies, tours or winter camps. The housekeepers provide homemade meals throughout the whole day.

Contact details:
Address: Schronisko Górskie PTTK na Hali Krupowej
34-236 Sidzina
phone numbers: 18-4475005, 607 033997

Eugeniusz Ogrodowicz is the housekeeper of the hostel, and has already been one for many years now.
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