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Shelter on Hala Kondratowa

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Shelter on Hala Kondratowa
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Shelter on Hala Kondratowa

PTTK shelter on Hala Kondratowa them. Wladyslaw Krygowski - lodge located on Glade Kondratowa in the Western Tatras, at the foot of Giewont. Located at an altitude of 1333 m above sea level, in the former Hall Kondratowa. It is the smallest shelter Polish Tatras (600 m³), possessing 20 beds in 6 - and 8-passenger. Managed by PTTK.
The hostel runs a ski storage room, tavern and cafeteria.

The first building was at this point, most likely before the year 1910. It was a ski shelter Uznańskiego George, in 1913, destroyed by an avalanche. In 1933 hut built here. The present building was erected by the Polish Tatra Society in 1947-48, designed by Bob Laszczka. In 1950 it expanded by an additional wing. April 26, 1953 shelter was destroyed by a rock avalanche that came down from the slopes of the Long Giewont. Stone weighing 30 tons thrust itself into the corner of the dining room, two others stopped a few meters from the building.

Head of youth in the years 1947-1980 was Stanislaw Skupień, skier and Olympian. After that until 2003 the building managed by his son Andrew. Since 1994 the shelter has a biological sewage treatment plant. August 23, 2009 a ceremony was held to give shelter named Wladyslaw Krygowski, expert of the Polish Carpathians. The shelter was placed plaques with quotes from books Krygowski and his chisel carved wooden portrait of Francis Palka from Nowy Sacz
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