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In Łopuszna, special attention should be paid, above all, to the more than 500-year-old Holy Trinity wooden church. It is a unique building, which is located on the Wooden Architecture Route in Małopolska. It was, most probably, erected as a penitential foundation by one of the local thieves. The church has been restored and made over several times, due to which it has lost its original style. In the past, the entire interior was decorated with 16th-century polychromy, only fragments of which preserved. They were found during the renovation in 1932 on the boards from the old floor and the choir's stall. The church has many valuable furnishings, first of all, a Gothic triptych of 1460 on the main altar.

In this church, Józef Tischner - an outstanding Polish philosopher and priest - celebrated his first mass. Tischner was even buried in the local cemetery - at the foot of the Gorce Mountains, which he loved.

The village has also an 18th-century nobleman's house, called the Tetmajer Manor House - for some time, its owner was Leon Przerwa-Tetmajer, uncle of a poet, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer. In the ‘70s of the twentieth century, the building was taken over by the Tatra Museum in Zakopane, which restored it and opened the Museum of Gentry Culture inside the building.