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Orkanówka in Poręba Wielka

The Władysław Orkan Biographical Museum in Poręba Wielka, located in the writer's house, stores many mementos connected with him. The building is located on the green trail from Niedźwiedź to Turbacz, about 3.5 km from the village, in the Zagronie farmstead. The museum is located on the Małopolska Wooden Architecture Route.

Orkan's old chimneyless family cottage with dirt floor was located on the north ridge of Pustka. In time, its condition greatly deteriorated. When in 1903 the writer received a small honorarium for his novel "W Roztokach", he began the construction of a new abode. The first letters written by him on the porch of "Orkanówka" were created in the summer of 1905. "Orkanówka" was built in the then fashionable style of Witkiewicz (the Zakopane style) on the basis of a project by General Andrzej Galica of Zakopane, Orkan's friend from the time of the Legions.

Situated on damp ground and carelessly built, the house constantly required improvements and repairs. Due to financial problems, the first floor was never finished and the building was not insulated. Therefore, the whole family spent severe winters with friends, and later at Orkan's sister's, Mary, in Zakopane. Almost every spring, damage caused by snow and blizzards had to be repaired.

Almost intact, "Orkanówka" survived World War II. At that time, Orkan's stepson, Witold Folejewski, a professor at the University of Poznań and his wife Wilhelmina lived there. Orkan's idea was that after his death "Orkanówka" would become a social good - the writer wanted the house to be used for holiday camps for children from poor families, or a house of creative work. Unfortunately, the Folejewscy could not afford the costly repairs and in 1973 they sold the house to the Niedźwiedź municipality. In June 1979, the house was given over to the Władysław Orkan Museum in Rabka, and until 2004 it constituted its branch.

On the side of the avenue leading up to the house there are 10 sycamore trees planted by the writer to thank for the safe return from the war. At the start of the avenue there is a votive chapel with a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, founded at the same time by his mother.


Poręba Wielka 109
34-735 Niedźwiedź