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PTTK Mountain Hostel on Luboń Wielki

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One of the longest villages in Poland, for which the act of foundation was issued by Władysław Jagiełło as early as in 1416.

During World War II, the village was the center of resistance fighters in Gorce. In October 1944, a battle between German troops and the fourth battalion of the First Regiment of Riflemen took place in the neighbourhood. In December of the same year, in retaliation for the killing of an SS officer, the Germans carried out pacification of Ochotnica Dolna, an action that is remembered as the "Bloody Christmas". About 50 farms were burnt and 56 people were killed that day. In memory of these tragic events, a monument showing one of the village residents, Maria Kawalec, with a child in her arms, shot dead while trying to escape from the fire, was erected near the church.