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Lake Czorsztyn

Lake Czorsztyn and the downstream Lake Sromowskie are the youngest dammed reservoirs in Poland. Even before the implementation of the investment was started, the construction of the dam on the Dunajec River aroused much controversy and numerous protests were organised. Arguments "for", namely: gaining control of the capricious Dunajec, eliminating the risk of flooding, obtaining a source of cheap electricity for the area, clashed with the arguments "against", which included: causing irreversible destruction of nature and the landscape of Pieniny, flooding some of the villages, causing a threat to the surrounding monuments. Despite the protests, the investment was completed in 1997 and it immediately proved its worth during the great flood, protecting the area from its dramatic effects.

The area of the formed on the Dunajec River Lake Czorsztyn  is approximately 10 km2, and it is closed off with a 56-metre dam. Around the reservoir, a leisure and tourists base was quickly established.