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Music Sheepfold in Jaworki

Nigel Kennedy, Nippy Noya, Martyna Jakubowicz, Jarosław Śmietana, Marek Raduli, Wojtek Pilichowski, and bands such as Dżem, Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, TSA, Lombard - all of them have a lot of fans and often play to the full house, not only in Poland. It is, therefore, difficult to believe that all of them have performed, and some of them even more than once, in a little-known club in the Pieniny mountains. And yet it's true!

Music Sheepfold (Pol. Muzyczna Owczarnia) is a club with a unique atmosphere, created thanks to the charisma and passion of Wieńczysław Kołodziejski. The club was opened in an authentic old sheepfold, moved from the Pieniny clearing, and decorated according to the creator's idea. The intimate club allows close contact with the music and its makers. Artists are literally at arm’s length. Many different types of music, always of the highest level, can be heard here.

Life here is not dying, actually, every year about 80-100 concerts take place here. Moreover, nationwide music workshops and open air painting and sculpture workshops are annually organised here.

The club is located in Jaworki, about 100 meters from the bus stop towards the nature reserve "Biała Woda" (White Water).




ul. Biała Woda 13

34-460 Szczawnica-Jaworki