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Muszyna has been a health resort since 1930. It is situated in the valley of Poprad, Muszynka and Szczawnik. The town preserved its layout from the period when it received its charter. The main point of the town is a market square with parallel streets leading to it. The buildings in the market come from the 19th and 20th centuries, but during archaeological works medieval cellars, in which most probably Hungarian wine was stored, were found under them.

In Muszyna, it is worth to see the St. Joseph defensive church, which was built between 1676 and 1728. Inside this baroque church you can see three Gothic sculptures from around 1470, showing the Madonna and Child, St. Odile and St. Hedwig of Silesia. Other interesting things are: a Renaissance tabernacle from around 1600, a late baroque font of the 18th century and a baroque pulpit from the end of the 17th century.

The castle in Muszyna was built around 1390. Its task was to defend the border and trade routes, as well as to serve as a customs house. The castle was destroyed in 1474 during Maciej Korwin’s invasion, and was later rebuilt in Renaissance style. Since then, it served only as a guardhouse. The development of technology gradually diminished the importance of the castle, which totally degraded during the period of state partition. Until this day, there are very interesting ruins there.