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temperature: 20°C / 10°C
Storm and rain

Krościenko upon Dunajec - Dzwonkówka - Przehyba - Szczawnica

It is a part of the Kazimierz Sosnowski trail - the main one in the Beskidy Mountains (red). The route starts in Krościenko on the bridge on the Dunajec River. The route goes up towards Stajkowa, Groń and then to the Siodełko pass. Before you reach the forest, you come to the vantage point from which you can see Krościenko and Szczawnica. After reaching the Dzwonkówka summit you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Beskid Sądecki, the Dunajec Valleys, and the Tatra and Pieniny Mountains. From there, you can take the yellow trail and have an easy walk to Szczawnica. But going further along the red trail you can reach the pass and the Przysłop hamlet. Walking along the buttress of the Radziejowa Mountain Range and going through the top of Skałka, you finally reach Przehyba and the situated there shelter.
If you want to go from there to Szczawnica, the best choice is to walk along the blue trail, going past a forester's lodge. At the final stage of the route, the Sopotnicki stream, which creates nice cascades, runs along it.

Some information:

Przehyba (Prehyba, Przechyba) - a 1175-metre mountain peak in the western part of the Radziejowa Mountain Range in the Beskid Sądecki At first, the name applied only to the pasture, but later people started to use it as the name of the peak. At the western tip there is a tourist hostel and a Radio and Television Broadcasting Centre with an 87-metre-high steel tower. The Przehyba Pasture on the ridge of the mountain offers a unique view of the Pieniny and the Tatra Mountains to the south and the Sądecka Valley to the north. Due to the easy availability of the place, it is very frequently visited by hikers and cyclists.

Time required to cover the whole route: 5h 50m
Length of the entire route: 21,1km