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Krościenko upon Dunajec – Sokolica – Szczawnica Niżna

The route starts with the green trail from Krościenko upon Dunajec. It is best to choose the path parallel to the yellow trail in the direction of the Szopka pass (in the opposite direction, the green signs lead along the Dunajec). On the edge of the Pieniny National Park, the green trail separates from the yellow trail, turning left. The trail leads to Sokola Perć, to the Czertezik peak. At this stage, it is best to change the trail and follow the blue one, which leads through the Sosnów pass to Sokolica. Along the way, you will pass - on your left - the green trail leading to the Dunajec and to Krościenko. Following the blue trail, however, you will descend to the banks of the Dunajec river - right after the Pieniny Gorge, at the foot of the Hukowa Skała Mountain. In the period from May to October, a ferry operates there, taking people across the river. After crossing the river, you come to the Orlica hostel, and from there the red trail will take you to the rafting marina in Szczawnica-Niżna, at the point where the Grajcarek flows into the Dunajec.

Some information:

Sokolica (747 m a.s.l.) - a mountain in the north-east part of Central Pieniny, in the so-called Pieninki. It is separated from the neighbouring Czertezik - lying in the same ridge - with the Sosnów Pass. Geologically, it is a part of the Pieniny Klippen Belt, made ​​of resistant to weathering cornstone. The northern slopes are covered with beech and fir forest, and on the top there are relict pine trees (the oldest is around 500 years old). The southern rock walls fall almost vertically; the faults go over 300 metres down into the precipice of the Dunajec Gorge.
The peak is located within the Pieniny National Park. It is the second most popular tourist destination, after the Three Crowns. The peak is a perfect vantage point, overlooking the Dunajec Gorge, the Środkowe Pieniny, the Małę Pieniny, Magura Spiska, the Bielskie Tatras and the Wysokie Tatras. Currently, access to the top of Sokolica (similarly to the Three Crowns) is payable. The ticket also entitles to enter the Three Crowns (on the same day). The ascend onto Sokolica consists in a side path leading away from the trail, which is secured with metal rails (about 40-metre difference in height, 7-minute approach).

Time required to cover the whole route: 2h 25m
Length of the entire route: 5,6km