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PTTK Mountain Hostel on Markowe Szczawiny

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PTTK Mountain Hostel on Markowe Szczawiny
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PTTK Mountain Hostel on Markowe Szczawiny

This mountain hostel lies at the altitude of 1180 m a.s.l. on the northern slopes of Babia Góra.
Next to the hostel, there is a station of GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service) and a Mountain Tourism Museum opened in 1966, renovated and filled with exhibits in 2011.

The first hostel in the Markowe Szczawiny clearing was established in 1906 at the initiative of Dr. Hugo Zapałowicz. This was the first hostel of the Tatra Society (TT) in the Beskidy Zachodnie Mountains. In May 1906, the General Assembly of the Babia Góra TT branch approved the hostel's plan and immediately proceeded to its construction.

It was officially put into use merely four months later, i.e. on 15th September 1906. Initially, it consisted of only a small kitchen, a dining area, two bedrooms - one for women and one for men, and an attic padded with hay for group tours.

In later years, the building was extended many times, as well as connected to a water supply, a basic sewage system, and a telephone line. In 1936, the hostel could accommodate 32 people in its heated rooms and up to 20 people on bunks in a common sleeping room.

At the end of World War II, the then housekeeper of the hostel, Rudolf Wielgus, saved it from being burned down by retreating Germans by bribing them. After the war, Stanisław Jarosz gained special recognition as one of the hostel's housekeepers. Thanks to his efforts, electric lighting and central heating appeared in the building.

In 2006, during the celebration of the hostel's 100th anniversary, ground for a new facility was broken. Due to the poor condition of the old building, it was demolished. In November 2009, the new hostel hosted the first tourists.

The new hostel offers about 70 beds in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and multi-person rooms. PTTK discounts are accepted, and holders of the Voluntary Blood Donor Card and members of the Conquerors of the Crown of the Polish Mountains Club are also granted different discounts.

In the cafeteria, apart from getting a delicious meal, you can buy maps and souvenirs. The kitchen is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and provides a wide variety of meals for dinner and pub food. The housekeepers ensure that every day of the season and at the weekends outside the season there is a homemade cake in the offer as well.

One can rent winter equipment (e.g. crampons, snowshoes), board games or puzzles in the hostel. There is also an overhead projector and some multimedia equipment available, thanks to which lectures on mountain tourism and meetings with mountaineers are often held in the hostel. On guests' request, it is also possible to organise trainings for groups, e.g. in rescue services or first aid, as well as photography workshops.

Contact details:
Address: Schronisko Górskie PTTK na Markowych Szczawinach
34-223 Zawoja
Phone number: 33 877 51 05

The hostel's housekeepers are Izabela and Katarzyna Hudziak.
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