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Eye of the Sea Hostel

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Eye of the Sea Hostel
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Eye of the Sea Hostel

PTTK shelter over the Sea Eye - hostel located on the Sea Caught in the Valley Fish-Stream in High Tatras. Located at an altitude of 1410 m above sea-level glacial moraine on the shaft. It was built in 1908 by the Society for Tatra. Renovated in the years 1988-1992 shelter has 77 beds in 3 -, 5 -, 6 -, 14 - and 16-passenger. Building shelters in 1976 was considered historic and is legally protected. The hostel is managed by PTTK.

The earliest mention of the existing shelter in the area from the year 1823. The first shelter was built in 1827 by Emanuel Homolacsa, owner of the land around the lake. The building consisted of a hall, kitchen, room and attic accommodation. The hostel had no windows and it was still very modestly furnished. It repaired several times, but in the 50s and 60 Nineteenth century was already in very poor condition.

In 1865, the lodge burned down. It was only in 1874 Tatra Society began building a new shelter. Erected a small wooden building with beds for 25 people. The property opened on August 3, 1874, and the ceremony was attended by Adam Asnyk and Helena Modjeska. On the initiative of Leopold Świerz September 16, 1875, the shelter was named after Stanislaw Staszic.

In the next period, slowly raised the standard hostel. In 1891 it was extended to the surface of 252 m² and 27 double rooms and a second building next dostawiono intended for the coach-house with an area of ​​119 m², serving visitors to the "garage" horse-drawn carriages. Shelter to serve tourists in the summer seasons for a night of 2 October 1898, when another fire destroyed the building. Coach house building after the fire proper shelter and took over its role fully her today. Currently, the so-called. old hostel (former coach house) is the oldest existing shelter in the Polish Tatras.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the lake was built in another object - Anna Boers chalet on the western side moraine. Boers, leading tourist activities, began the conflict with the Society of Tatra, which lasted until 1930, and finished undressing huts.

The current shelter was built in 1908 and since then it is one of the most popular accommodation facilities throughout the Tatras. In 1997, they visited Pope John Paul II.
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