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  • PTTK Mountain Hostel at Hala Krupowa

    PTTK Mountain Hostel at Hala Krupowa

    This mountain hostel is situated at the altitude of 1152 m a.s.l. in the Polica Mountain Range, a part of the Babia Góra Mountain Range, included in the Beskid Żywiecki. Despite its name, the facility is not located at Hala Krupowa, but on the edge of Hala Kucałowa, southwest of the Kucałowa Pass. Using public transport, the easiest way to reach Hala Krupowa is by travelling to Skawica (by minibuses).  The first hostel, built in 1935, was called \"Pod Policą\" (Under the Polica Mounta...

  • PTTK Mountain Hostel on Leskowiec

    PTTK Mountain Hostel on Leskowiec

    The hostel is situated under the Groń of John Paul II peak in the Beskid Andrychowski, in the eastern part of the Beskid Mały. The current name of the peak (formerly Jaworzyna) was informally given in 1981 at the initiative of an activists of the Wadowice PTTK branch, and has officially been in use since 1st January 2004. It is the only peak in the world named after the Polish Pope. Karol Wojtyła often hiked to the top of Jaworzyna and the nearby Leskowiec, and often stayed in the hostel, als...

  • PTTK Mountain Hostel on Markowe Szczawiny

    PTTK Mountain Hostel on Markowe Szczawiny

    This mountain hostel lies at the altitude of 1180 m a.s.l. on the northern slopes of Babia Góra.Next to the hostel, there is a station of GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service) and a Mountain Tourism Museum opened in 1966, renovated and filled with exhibits in 2011. The first hostel in the Markowe Szczawiny clearing was established in 1906 at the initiative of Dr. Hugo Zapałowicz. This was the first hostel of the Tatra Society (TT) in the Beskidy Zachodnie Mountains. In May 1906, the Genera...