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Shelter in the Valley Roztoka

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Shelter in the Valley Roztoka
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Shelter in the Valley Roztoka

PTTK shelter them. Vincent Fields in Valley Roztoka (Old Hostel Rostock) - hostel located in a clearing old Rostock in the High Tatras.

The first lodge was built in this place in 1876, the present building was built in 1913 as a result of the transfer of the old shelters in drier place. Its location is associated with the course of the old road to the Marine Eye. The hostel is managed by the PTTK and bears the name of Vincent Fields.

Contrary to popular called "Shelter in the Valley Roztoka" it is located below the outlet Roztoki Valley, the Valley Białka.

In autumn the clearing takes place rutting deer. The hostel offers 68 beds in 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 5 -, 6-person tavern (60 seats), common room, electricity, and through the mail.

In 1876 the Roztoka built under the leadership of Fr. Wojciech Röszke and Leopold Świerz second in the Tatra Polish hostel (after the old shelter on the Eye of the Sea). They were called the name of Vincent Fields and placed on the way to the Sea of ​​Lysa Polana eye. Part of this road still functions as an internal road to service the hostel.

The first shelter was two chambers separated by a vestibule, was open only in summer. Among the first visitors there were, among others Valery Elijah-Radzikowski, Titus Chałubiński and Stanislaw Witkiewicz. The first shelter was hosted by Francis Dorula mountaineer. Twice it also gospodarzył Obrochta Bartholomew, mountaineer and guide violinist, has long been managed well by the family Budzów.

Frequented building modernized, although it gradually fell into disrepair. Due to high risk for tourists was demolished in 1911 and soon built next to it under the supervision of Wladyslaw Kulczyńskego building today. In the 30s shelter was expanded several times.

The wooden shelter is famous for the atmosphere "of the past." In the years between the time it gospodarzącej Grabowski family was the main base of Polish mountaineers climbing in Slovakia (next to the hostel was possible then crossing the bridge by the protein). During World War II there was a German border guard outpost, after the war he returned to the former building of character.

Since 1974, the family led them Pawłowskich - Janina Pawlowska first, then her son Mark. Since autumn 2008, the housekeeper is Anna Krupa with Chocholow

Shelter took third place in the second ranking of Polish mountain huts PTTK, announced in August 2011 by letter NPM
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