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  • Eye of the Sea Hostel

    Eye of the Sea Hostel

    PTTK shelter over the Sea Eye - hostel located on the Sea Caught in the Valley Fish-Stream in High Tatras. Located at an altitude of 1410 m above sea-level glacial moraine on the shaft. It was built in 1908 by the Society for Tatra. Renovated in the years 1988-1992 shelter has 77 beds in 3 -, 5 -, 6 -, 14 - and 16-passenger. Building shelters in 1976 was considered historic and is legally protected. The hostel is managed by PTTK.The earliest mention of the existing shelter in the area from the y...

  • Mountain hotel PTTK Kalatówki

    Mountain hotel PTTK Kalatówki

    You are invited to visit the Kalatówki Mountain Hotel, which is located some distance from Zakopane, in the Tatra National Park. It stands just next to the trail leading from Kuźnice to Giewont - in the picturesque Bystra Valley, at an altitude of 1198 m. The current Kalatówki Mountain Hotel was built during the inter-war period in a record time of 150 days. From the beginning of its existence, it has been an important place for skiers and tourists. It has maintained its inimitable character...

  • PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska

    PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska

    PTTK shelter at Glade Chochołowska - lodge located on Glade Chochołowska in the Western Tatras, called in short Chochołowskim Shelter. It is located at an altitude of 1150 m above sea-level and is managed by PTTK. It is the main base in the area of ​​the Valley Chochołowska.It is a large object - volume 9543 m³ of the largest shelter in the Polish Tatras. It is open all year round. Tourists offers 132 beds in 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 6 -, 8 - and 14-passenger. It also has a lounge, ski storag...

  • PTTK shelter on Hala Ornak

    PTTK shelter on Hala Ornak

    PTTK mountain hut on Hala Ornak - lodge is located on a small clearing in the upper part Ornaczańskiej Kościeliska in the Western Tatras at 1,100 m above sea level, on land belonging formerly to the Hall Ornak. The hostel was built in 1947-48, in the Zakopane style. It was built to replace the old shelter on Pyszniańskiej Hall, which during the Second World War, was burned by the Germans. In 1973 he was given the name of the professor. Valery Goetel. The hostel is surrounded by a forest compl...

  • Shelter for Gasienicowa

    Shelter for Gasienicowa

    PTTK shelter \"Murowaniec\" on Gasienicowa - lodge in the mountains at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level, Gasienicowa. Was built between 1921-1925 by the Polish Tatra Society. After a fire in 1964 it was rebuilt. It has 120 beds in 3 -, 4 -, 5 -, 8 - and 10-passenger. It is managed by the Polish Tourist Country-Lovers.\"Murowaniec\" staged in the years 1921-1925 Warsaw Branch of the PTT, mainly thanks to the efforts of the President Stanislaw Osiecki (plaque, 1969). The first sketches of bui...

  • Shelter in the Valley of Five Lakes

    Shelter in the Valley of Five Lakes

    PTTK shelter in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds (Shelter Pięciostawiańskie) - hostel located in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds in the High Tatras. It was built between 1947-1953 on Vorpommern Pond at an altitude of 1671 m above sea level and is the highest mountain chalet in Poland. It has 70 beds in rooms of 4 -, 7 -, 8 - and 10-passenger. The hostel is managed by the PTTK and bears the name of Leopold Świerz.Old shelter them. Louis ZejszneraFive Polish Ponds Valley in the past was the past...

  • Shelter in the Valley Roztoka

    Shelter in the Valley Roztoka

    PTTK shelter them. Vincent Fields in Valley Roztoka (Old Hostel Rostock) - hostel located in a clearing old Rostock in the High Tatras.The first lodge was built in this place in 1876, the present building was built in 1913 as a result of the transfer of the old shelters in drier place. Its location is associated with the course of the old road to the Marine Eye. The hostel is managed by the PTTK and bears the name of Vincent Fields.Contrary to popular called \"Shelter in the Valley Roztoka\" it ...

  • Shelter on Hala Kondratowa

    Shelter on Hala Kondratowa

    PTTK shelter on Hala Kondratowa them. Wladyslaw Krygowski - lodge located on Glade Kondratowa in the Western Tatras, at the foot of Giewont. Located at an altitude of 1333 m above sea level, in the former Hall Kondratowa. It is the smallest shelter Polish Tatras (600 m³), possessing 20 beds in 6 - and 8-passenger. Managed by PTTK. The hostel runs a ski storage room, tavern and cafeteria. The first building was at this point, most likely before the year 1910. It was a ski shelter Uznańskiego Ge...