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Shelter in the Valley of Five Lakes

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Shelter in the Valley of Five Lakes
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Shelter in the Valley of Five Lakes

PTTK shelter in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds (Shelter Pięciostawiańskie) - hostel located in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds in the High Tatras. It was built between 1947-1953 on Vorpommern Pond at an altitude of 1671 m above sea level and is the highest mountain chalet in Poland. It has 70 beds in rooms of 4 -, 7 -, 8 - and 10-passenger. The hostel is managed by the PTTK and bears the name of Leopold Świerz.

Old shelter them. Louis Zejsznera

Five Polish Ponds Valley in the past was the pastoral areas. Hall of Five Ponds from 1637 years belonged to the family Nowobilskich. Village headman Białka Wojciech Nowobilski got these lands in the royal grant information from Wladyslaw IV. The remains of the ancient pastoral economy is still existing stone hut, used in the past as a shelter for walkers and mountaineers first. Ceased to play this role in 1876, when the initiative of the Tatra Society was founded on Little Pond pięciostawiańskie first shelter.

It was a small, single-chamber building with granite blocks. He was named Louis Zejsznera, an outstanding Polish geologist. The hostel was frequently visited in the summer, while in the winter left unattended, niszczało. Almost every year, performed the necessary repairs, which entail huge costs. Therefore, the Tatra Society in 1896 decided to proceed to build a new, comfortable shelter.

Very quickly began construction work. Already in 1898 the new shelter was completed. It had wooden walls, stove, and bunks for sleeping - so much better protected against the cold, it was more convenient and quickly gained recognition tourists. In view of the growing popularity of expanded and modernized several times building. In the summer cottage dealt with: Jedrzej Nowobilski, Wojciech Budz, John Nowobilski, co-owner pięciostawiańskich halls, Maria Budzowa. In winter, starting in 1907 in the Five Ponds gospodarowała newly created section of the Tatra Society ski. During World War I was repeatedly devastated shelter, but later with the help of the Polish Army Mountaineering Company, restored to service. Maria took over the lease after her daughter Victoria Bigosowa. The hostel served to tourists until 1924, when the reformed branch of Zakopane PTT decided to allocate funds for additional, new and larger shelter.

Charles Stryjeński shelter project (third)

Design of the building made himself director of the School of Wood Industry in Zakopane - Charles Stryjeriski. Taken to build the enthusiasm, which is not cooled even subsequent difficulties associated primarily with the transport. The hostel was officially put into operation only after seven years. Grand opening ceremony took place in 1932, organized by the Department of Zakopane PTT and Maria and Andrzej tenants Krzeptowskich. Shelter enjoyed a great popularity. Already in 1933 it was decided to enlarge it and insulate. Building are covered with a wall of rough stone. After lasting only a year upgrading facility could take about 50% more tourists. Camps were held here the Polish Ski Association with the participation of such skiers as Marusarzówna Helena, Stanislaw, John and Andrew Marusarzowie, Marian Woyna Orlewicz, Helen Becker, Bronislaw Czech Republic. It was the splendor of the interwar period Tatra tourism. In World War II Krzeptowscy Andrew and Maria had to leave shelter, leaving them under the care of Francis Gabrysia. Later that same year, Maria Krzeptowska returned and together with his sons Andrew and Joseph lived in the Five Ponds. When mountains walked partisan, and shelter residents took an active part in the resistance movement. Shelter survived the war and occupation, and suddenly in May 1945 for unknown reasons completely burned.

Fourth hostel Pięciostawiańskie

After the liberation of PTT reaktywowało its activities, but to rebuild the burned huts was not thought of yet. The decision to build another shelter Krzeptowski took Andrew and his wife. Thanks to their efforts in 1947 on Little Pond stood a small wooden building. This was the first in the mountains shelter rebuilt after the war, which functioned until 1954. Since 1968 there is a strażniczówka Tatra National Park.

Fifth hostel Pięciostawiańskie

In 1954 the present building was completed, the fifth already, in turn, shelters in the Valley of Five Lakes. Harmoniously integrated into the landscape, stone and wooden house (designed by Anna Gorska, John Chmielewski, Jedrzej Pollock, Gerard Ciolek and George Mokrzyńskiego) stood in a completely different place - on the northern shore of the Front Pond. In March 1956 held an official opening ceremony, and was head of Maria Krzeptowska - perennial housewife previous shelters. Despite the enormous difficulties associated with the supply of shelter (transport horses, bringing the goods to back) through the efforts of the hosts tourists never lacked anything, and the shelter was and is known for its friendly hospitality and homely atmosphere. There were sports camps here (such as preparations for the Olympics in Mexico), ski races, and many other events. In 1957, Andrew Krzeptowski with his son Joseph took shelter Rostock, and Maria and his son Andrew were in the Five Ponds. In 1973 the brothers took over the leadership of Joseph Andrew and their wives. Later, he was alone shelter Andrew. In 1998 he joined the daughter of Maria and her husband Marusarz Cuba, and then the second daughter - Martha.

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PTTK mountain hut in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds
34-500 Zakopane 1
PO Box 196
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